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Microcontroller coding, film camera building, PHP, and anything else

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:boom: Welcome to my GitHub pages

Well, first of all, many thanks to the GitHub for providing one static web site for every github account - considering that the web hosting become expensive and ephemeral, this is great! And also, thank you for your visit!

development boards

What you will find here? Mainly, libraries I’m using in microcontroller programming. Here are few of them for AVR, PIC and STM32, for different C compilers.

Then, some hardware - nothing special, just microcontroller development boards.

There is an old project regarding a CMS site in PHP language, a fork of sNews Revolutions of Rui Mendes, to where I aded some code to make it SEF friendly and some more plugins - I didn’t added it to the repository yet.

And recently I started working to a DIY SLR film camera, which can use also EOS compatible lenses - just the firmware for now, WIP.

:clipboard: Note

The projects presented bellow have their own web page so, that top-left green button refers to their own repository (that is, when you are on their page… )

:open_file_folder: My C libraries

Some made by me, some ported in C language from Arduino project.

:paperclip: C libraries for AVR

:paperclip: C libraries for PIC

:paperclip: C libraries for STM32

:open_file_folder: My DIY film camera projects

My main targets are SLR and TLR cameras. A rangefinder camera is beyond my capabilities.

:paperclip: My SLR project

:open_file_folder: My 3D objects for printing

For now, accessories and camera parts.

:paperclip: Lens adapters

:open_file_folder: My designed PCB boards

I am using the free Eagle and the open-source KiCAD and gEDA PCB in designing my boards.

:paperclip: Il Pinguino Rosso

:paperclip: FreeJALduino

 Page done.

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